March 30th, 2009

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DST hate

I hate DST. It assumes that people have no day-and-night-rhythm, neither natural nor gained during a lifetime, nor trained over a period of years. Everyone could just go to sleep and be asleep, or get up and be awake at any time of day or night, really, as long as the whole sleep/wake time vaguely balances.

Lately scientists looking into biorhythms have pointed out that having kids get up at six to half past is a bad idea (and doubly so with teenagers), because they won't be "powered up" mentally until about 9 am anyway. While whoever the fuck is promoting DST thinks that it would be just peachy to have them up at five or half past.

Of course it's personal. I am not a morning person. I am so much not a morning person that Wikipedia has an entry on it. I am fortunate to have a job where it's OK when I'm in by eleven. It's not OK, however, if I check in at noon. Eleven is pushing it, noon is not acceptable. Eleven I can barely manage. In winter.

German Wikipedia says, "summer time moves daylight hours into most people's awake phase." No. That's not true. DST does not influence Earth's rotation. It does not move daylight hours to suit people. It moves people to suit daylight hours. And daylight hours couldn't care less.

Energy? It's March. It's freezing. Getting up one hour earlier means (for those who do not have my tolerant work hours) getting up in the cold and the dark. Unless you are badly in a hurry or are not made miserable by dragging your sleepy self around in the dark and chill (with your body, who is not following the news, not up to operating temperature), you'll take a long hot shower, and turn on the heating. Probably electrical, as central heating is slow. It's what we did at home. For one hour of running the electrical heater, we could have the lights on in the living room for 10 to 20 hours. But of course, if you do not have flex time, in high summer you could come home from work with enough daylight hours left to drive out to a lake in the country instead of heading for the public pool.

Best thing one can say about it is that it creates lots of extra (paid) work. When 2007 the US decided to switch to DST a little earlier, software development put in hundreds of hours of overtime.

The whole idea is FUBAR. And I have to get up early tomorrow. Grrr.
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