April 5th, 2009

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I wanted to go out into the hills for a hike today, but first it took me forever to get to the starting point (and it would have been so much more fun on the motorbike, which for some reason still does not want to start), and when I finally arrived, I heard thunder, and the sky was full of those dark silver layers of cloud that mean really bad weather is coming up. So I drove back home. The weather, at least, didn't add irony to inconvenience, and there was heavy rain as soon as I was back in my car, and the temperature dropped 6 degrees. (Diving back would not have been more fun on the motorbike.)

Grr. I bet Monday will be brilliant, and Easter will be warm and sunny and all the paths will be crowded. Still, looking forward to two four-day-weeks.

I'm going over the top with interior decorating at the moment. Have ordered curtains for the bedroom on Saturday. I haven't had curtains since I was living with my mother.

Have a kind-of solution for that darned chapter eight of my current top-of-the-list WiP (whined about here). I'm afraid it boils down to having a man with a gun appear. But I think it will work.