April 12th, 2009

eliphas, napping

Amazon doing the stupid

Via my friends list: over the last few days Amazon.com removed the sales rankings from various gay themed books

See more at Copperbadge's LJ, and at rm's place here, with follow-up.

I haven't noticed it yet on amazon.de (I checked the short list given by xtricks), and a bunch of books I could think of, and only one was not sales-ranked. I'm keeping an eye on it.

One one hand, wtf sales ranks? OTOH, wehret den Anfängen.

ETA: Have written letter. It's painfully formal and stilted. Going to send it tomorrow. Ideally spiced with some examples that make sense from my buying history.

This is kind of interesting: Meta-Trolls?
Pandagon, with a lot of writers affected by the fail closely connected, discusses the Meta-troll theory. This includes explanation of what sales rank does, which I did not know.

Have sent mail. Even if amazon has fallen victim to trollery or a technical SNAFU, something is wrong here and I dislike getting no clarification from them. Now I hope they fix it and apologize, because amazon has always worked very well for me and I would regret following up on my mail by actually finding someone else to buy from.

According to internet gossip, amazon says the French did it. I'm tired of internet gossip at this point. I'll read some slash instead.