April 28th, 2009

eliphas, napping

Going over my list of Things To Pack

This is going to be too heavy.

Why does one need all that stuff? It's, "yes, spare clothes. Not that much. Oh, spare shoes. And stuff for washing, and a towel... and a diary... paperwork... mobile phone... rain jacket... camera... When did it get such a heap???"
eliphas, napping

Curses and double curses

I got me an mp3 player yesterday, assuming that the thing was basically an USB drive with headphones and the ability to turn mp3 files into music.

Only, my computer does not recognize the stupid thing. Which has never happened with an USB drive. There was a CD which came with the player, which installs a needlessly complicated software that does god knows what, has only icons and not a single line of text (which is good, because the text in the installation was obviously translated from Japanese using Babelfish), but doesn't make the system recognize the player.

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