June 22nd, 2009

eliphas, napping

Weekend role playing

We were playing our WoD crossover campaign again this weekend -- only Saturday and Sunday, because too many players were busy on Friday, including me. (Work, btw, is still insane.) We drove over to F___, leaving at 8 in the morning, so we arrived just in time for breakfast. I was dead tired in the afternoon and had to catch a nap while the others were exploring the archives of a lost city. Collapse ) The archive is now broken, but we have downloaded a lot of music, poetry, and enough books on philosophy, metaphysics and comparative theology to keep our werewolf happy for years, trying to find the key to universal peace and understanding.

The night to Saturday I dreamt of rotting corpses that I knew I had to clean up sooner or later. Night to Sunday, I dreamt I was doing my job. I could see the lines of code I was debugging in my dream, and every time I thought I fixed it I got new requirements. Consensus over breakfast was that dreaming of rotting corpses is OK, dreaming of having to tidy up is a warning, and dreaming of work is a sign of approaching insanity and means that one needs to change one's ways.