August 20th, 2009

eliphas, napping


I guess I'll have to check if I mixed up my contact lenses again.

Today started with me waking up flailing from a nightmare, hitting some sharp plastic part of the wide open window, and ripping open the nailbed of my thumb. I was just awake enough to wrap a handkerchief around it before I fell asleep again.

When I came home this evening, I dropped the heavy (and very pointy) steel kitchen scissors. I jumped back, but they hit me on the way down and now I've got a puncture in my thigh.

And just ten minutes ago I was leaving the kitchen with my "goodnight" mug of fresh hot herbal tea in hand, and my elbow connected with the doorframe when I switched off the light. So I spilled fifteen-seconds-after-boiling water over my hand. To make this more fun, it's the hand I had spilled a whole pot of fresh tea over some years ago, which made it more heat-sensitive than the other one.

This has gone beyond "annoying" and into "painful".

ETA: I have put the hand into yoghurt overnight (I was all out of curd cheese), and it's only a little tender now, like a mild sunburn. (Note: According to medical rants on the internet, don't try this at home. Instead put under warm water for 10 minutes and then ignore. But while I don't doubt that something that minor will heal overnight on its own, I have a low pain tolerance, so I'm going for the non-approved treatment.)