August 30th, 2009

eliphas, napping

Last weekend: Role playing

Again we only had a short weekend for our WoD Crossover RPG, because our GM was at a whiskey tasting on Friday, and arrived at David's place Saturday early with her boyfriend and a hangover. The rest of us still came in later than she, because we had longer drives or more traffic jams.

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eliphas, napping

This weekend: paperwork

I spend most of yesterday and most of today sorting through paperwork. The damn stuff breeds like rabbits. I have a drawer where everything that is important but does not need action gets shoved in, and when the drawer doesn't close anymore, it's sort-the-paperwork time.

I reduced the heap by nearly five centimetres, and as an aside noticed that I had done some stupid things five years ago which will, I hope, stay without consequences. Should know better then believing a word any salesperson who earns commissions says. Do know better, but sometimes I'm too slow or underprepared.

The good thing is, apart from there being space in the drawer again, I have all my tax paperwork in order now.

ETA, Wednesday: Yesterday I found that to give one sheet of paper to some office, you need to make an appointment. Someone should introduce these guys to this new invention called a "letterbox". I am now trying to decide if I have some more questions which would make it worth making an appointment, or if I should send the paper by mail (instead of just dropping it off on the way to work), hoping that the mailman has an appointment with them.