September 29th, 2009

eliphas, napping

Dinner: Mushroom pasta

This evening I discovered dried porcini in the back of the cupboard. So, mushroom pasta.

Take one handful of dried porcini, brush the sand off, or put them in a sieve and hold them under the shower for a few seconds. Then put in a big cup or small bowl and barely cover them with boiling water.

Cook tagliatelle in an open pot on high, meanwhile chop one small escalotte and one clove of garlic, and slice a handful of other mushrooms, whatever is there. (I only had button mushrooms. Chanterelles would have been nice.)

When the pasta is nearly done, drain it in a sieve, dry the pot, put it back on the plate. Brown the garlic and escalotte in some butter on medium high, add the mushrooms and the porcini, including the water. Turn up the heat, let the water boil off. Add pepper and salt to taste. When the water is nearly gone, pour in some white wine, turn off the heat, add some cream, some fresh or frozen chopped parsley, and finally the pasta. Mix well and give it a minute off the stove to rest before serving.