November 29th, 2009

eliphas, napping

What I've been up to

Herding cats, of course. flederkatz has new pictures. (And a few more here and here.) I have re-named the cats, because the names they brought from the shelter just did not fit. They are now Tully (=Tullamore) the Tabby, and "Serious Cat" Jerome.

flederkatz was visiting me to help with the cat herding after I had freaked out so badly earlier this month. We had fun and did not do much, but were nevertheless busy all the time.

I learned that K___ has a blog, which is about re-enacting medieval fibre craft.

Around last weekend I took some days off work, making it a six-day-weekend and visiting flederkatz in turn. Where she lives, it's always mild, and raining (or hot and damp). We spend three rainy nights playing role-playing games, and one watching a movie on a new flat screen TV -- the first broad-screen flat screen I've seen that shows proportions correctly, lines un-pixeled and colours life-like. I'm impressed. The movie was The Boat That Rocked -- very fun, great music. It's about a pirate radio station on a ship off the British coast in 1966, and has a bunch of crazy DJs, and neutral-evil government people which reminded me of "Children of the Earth". I wonder if portraying the men/women in power as clear-cut self-righteous straightforward evil is a British TV thing? I don't have enough data for more than a wild guess, though.

I returned home on Tuesday and was instantly eaten up by work again. Still, six days of vacation vastly beat ten days of being sick when it comes to restoring one's sanity.

Today, I should have helped K___ and mad_freddy with moving, but they said they'd start at 9am, and had enough helpers, so I, eh, didn't, and caught up on sleep instead.