December 5th, 2009

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Winter things

Yesterday we had the work christmas party, which was pretty mediocre. The food was standard (and there was nothing vegetarian, which was kind of embarrassing -- what were they thinking?), the speeches were expected, the room was nice, the music was TOO FUCKING LOUD. It was the kind of music that one would imagine playing very softly in cocktail bars. Which I do not like even if played very softly in a cocktail bar, but then I'd have a bunch of Margaritas to make me more tolerant. If they want to encourage lip reading, can't they at least play punk or heavy metal? Before dessert, loud became painful, so I only snatched a taste of the dessert (much too sweet) and then got out. Best thing about the whole affair, it was very close to my place of work, which is very close to home. Second best was that it was only half past eight when I got home.

Home, I waited for the ringing in my ears to stop and then went to bed with the vague idea of getting up again later in the evening. The idea did not work out, and I slept, with some cat-induced interruptions (Jerome is *not* safe with tilted windows -- he got his front paws caught and I had to untangle him) until noon.


I am thinking about how to get to my mother's place over the holidays. Train is expensive but fast, however I'd need to buy a ticket soon to have a seat, and then nothing must go wrong -- no illnesses, delays, whatever. Plane is cheaper but slower, same problem with timing. Car will take about as long as plane, door-to-door, is a little cheaper still, and I'd have to drive, which can be no fun at all that time of the year. OTOH, I wouldn't need to plan ahead much.

The realistic choice is between a) trying to get passengers for the car and hope for good weather, and b) getting a train ticket and hope for a seat. Neither the idea of spending hours in a traffic jam nor of standing hours in a crowded train has a lot of appeal.
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