December 13th, 2009

eliphas, napping

Things done, and not.

Didn't glaze the cookies, upload the cat pictures or go to the gym. My excuse is that my eye hurts. :-(

Did go to a birthday party yesterday -- the whole choir was invited. It was better than I thought it would be. It always is: The very thought of large gatherings of people makes me cranky and bad-tempered and prone to find excuses for not going. That applies twice when it's anniversaries or birthdays with Year=0(mod5), when everyone feels obliged to put on a bad show, read worse verses, and show embarrassing pictures. So my expectations are so low that I'm usually positively surprised. In this case, the room was large (thus, un-crowded), the music was soft, the shows were ok to good, and the food was fine.

We sang a filk on "New York, New York", which is one of those darned songs that everyone is expected to know and that I never heard before. Plus, I missed one rehersal for job reasons, so I had to mostly sight-read the alto voice. Situations like that make me feel utterly incompetent. (Is frustrated.)

I got home at 1 am, and it was freezing. When I woke up this morning, snow had fallen and everything was white. When I awoke again at noon, most of it was gone, but I had dreamed of snow.

One week to go.