December 31st, 2009

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Talking about books (and the like) in 2009

Heaps of fanfic this year.


Jun 28th:
Richard Bachmann (Stephen King): "The Long Walk"
Bill Bryson: "The Lost Continent - Travels in Small Town America"
Bernard Cornwell: "Vagabond"
Len Deighton: "The Ipcress File"
Len Deighton: "Funeral in Berlin"
Ben Goldacre: "Bad Science"
John Grisham: "A Painted House"
Charles Stross: "The Family Trade"

Apr 16th:
Dan Abnett: "The Story of Martha" (Doctor Who tie-in)
Peter Anghelides: "Pack Animals" (Torchwood tie-in)
David Llewellyn: "Trace Memory" (Torchwood tie-in)
Gary Russell: "The Torchwood Archives" (Sourcebook)

Jan 11th:
Patrick Rothfuss: "The Name of the Wind"


Nov 30th:
Aeshna: "...And Things That Go Bump in the Night" (Sarah Jane Adventures/Torchwood)
Dira Sudis: "Get Loved, Make More, Try to Stay Alive" (Torchwood)
Demotu: "Dawn, broken" (Torchwood)
Etharei: "Guard Them, and Him Within" (Torchwood)
Fairest1: "Poor Little Dark Lord" (Harry Potter/Chick Tracts)
Gatewaygirl: "Lighting the Dark" (Harry Potter)
Gatewaygirl: "The Auror, the Potions Expert, and the Cult of Eris" (Harry Potter)
Gunbunny: "Untitled NaNoWriMo 2007" (Torchwood/Indiana Jones/Highlander)
Golden Orange: "The Waking Terror" (Doctor Who/Cthulhu)
Invisible Lift: "Adam" (Torchwood)
Metz: "This Other Darkness" (Torchwood)
Neadods: "A Question of Jurisdiction" (Torchwood/Sarah Jane Adventures)
Paperclipbitch: "How to Use Paradoxes for Fun and Profit" (Doctor Who)
Sam Storyteller: "The Theory of Two Centres" (Torchwood)
Schildkroet: "Fairytale" (Doctor Who)
St. Aurafina: "Never Have I Ever" (Doctor Who/Torchwood/Iron Man)

Oct 6th:
Airie: "Daemononlogy" (Doctor Who)
Cranberry Crash: "The Rotfang Conspiracy Files" (Harry Potter)
Enemyfrigate: "The Phoenix' Nest" (Torchwood)
Honor H.: "Man-Whores and Wealthy Women" (Doctor Who)
Lizbee: "Identity Politics" (Doctor Who)
Madder Rose: "Jack Harkness, Super Temp" (Torchwood)
Neadods: "The Amazing Team TARDIS" (Doctor Who)
Paperclipbitch: "Whatever Pays The Wages" (Doctor Who/Torchwood)
Paperclipbitch: "Far Off, Like A Dull Rumour Of Some Other War" (Torchwood)
Prochytes: "The Persistence of Memory" (Torchwood/Heroes)
Sabethea: "Being True (To Yourself)" (Harry Potter)
Such Heights: "I Heard a Whisper (The Way I Might Have Been)" (Torchwood)
Tree and Leaf: "The Blue Flower" (Harry Potter)
X-Tricks: "Days That Were" (Doctor Who)

Oct 26th:
Lanna Michaels: "Fifteen Things You Should Remember While Part Of A Massive Government Conspiracy." (Torchwood)

Aug 10th:
Antelope: "Scratch" (Torchwood)
DK Valentine: "Hidden Past" (Torchwood)
Eledhwen: "Two immortals walk into a bar..." (Pirates of the Caribbean/Torchwood)
Jinxed Wood: "Gone Fishin'" (Highlander/Torchwood)
JJPOR: "Scareship" (Torchwood)
JJPOR: "Last Man Standing" (Torchwood)
Odsbodkins: "Death and the Definitely-Not-a-Maiden" (Torchwood)
Paperclipbitch: "Acquaint Me With Your Fuck-Ups" (Torchwood)
Penknife: "West Palm Beach, 1927" (Pirates of the Caribbean)
RobinC: "The Children of Time Will Gather" (Doctor Who)
Scythe the Wicked: "Like Death" (Torchwood)
Schildkroet: "To Wander, Between the Stars" (Doctor Who/Torchwood)
Salieri: "Utopia" (Firefly)
Sam Storyteller: "Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodies" (Stargate Atlantis/Torchwood)
Sam Storyteller: "If We Haven't Got Nightingales..." (Torchwood)
Thaddeusfavor: "Baron Saturday Visits Cardiff" (Torchwood)

Jul 20th:
Doyle: "The Great Bikini Incident (Key to Time Remix)" (Buffy/Doctor Who)
Definehome: "A Dirty Great Monster" (Torchwood)
Doyle: "Looked Up in Perfect Silence at the Stars" (Doctor Who)
Joolz: "What Doesn't Kill You" (Doctor Who)
Jewels: "I Dream of Chcolate Fish" (Torchwood)
Joon: "Rock Bottom, Going Up" (Torchwood)
Jewels: "Potentiality" (Torchwood)
K. Haldane: "Trespassers Will Be Persecuted" (Torchwood/Spooks)
Kali & rm: "The Spectacular Catastrophe of Your Endless Childhood" (Torchwood)
X-Tricks: "What Lies Within" (Torchwood)

Jul 13th:
rm and kalichan: "Harbour" (Torchwood)

Apr 3rd:
Aeshna: Small Wonders (Torchwood)
Becky H.: Executioner's Promise (Harry Potter)
Etherati: The Atheist in your Foxhole (Doctor Who)
Jadesfire: Moonrise (Torchwood)
Mgunby: Just Another Bloody Day at Torchwood (Torchwood)
Marcus Rowland: A Gory Fate (Buffy/Gor)
MeiLin: Valiant (Doctor Who)

Jan 11th:
Definehome: Now We're All Going Under (Torchwood)


Nov. 29th:
"The Boat That Rocked"

Jun 28th:
"Terminator: Salvation"


Jul 15th:
More about CoE, expectations, and Hollywood

Jul 13th:
My thoughts on TW: Children of the Earth

My fic:

Im Land der Blinden (Perry Rhodan fanfic) Teaser und Link.
Prolog (Falling towards the future), original fic.

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