January 2nd, 2010

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone!

We had a nice quiet party: Snow, I___, Ceridwen, Gwydion and me, a large pot of chili and a big bowl of potato salad. We talked, poured molten lead in cold water to predict the future from the shapes (fun. Ceridwen had a scythe, or something looking like the Alien, Gwydion had a dragon in a rowboat, I___ had a woman in a rose garden, Snow had a ghost, and I had a club, which was boring). At midnight we watched the fireworks, and didn't even open the bottle of sparkling wine I had dragged out of the corner. The cats made it through the evening OK.

Today we met again, plus N___ and played "Settlers of Catan".

I try to avoid thinking about time in that way that is encouraged at New Year's Eve. I get annoyed with the magazines that want to tell me "This was 2009!" Yes, I know. I've been there. Tell me something new. Something different. On the train home, I read about the planets of the solar system.

The naughts have been a shitty decade in many ways, but they have been kind to me. Ten years ago I had a boring job, a hobby I was tired of, a flat too big that needed fixing, and debt. Ten winters ago I had so many accidents that the night nurse at the emergency room greeted flederkatz and me with "not you again!". Still, for all the good fortune I had, I feel I should have written more, read more, learned more. That I'm not going where I feel I want to. Well, maybe next year.

And because I cannot refrain from thinking about time, close to 4 am in the night and in the strange, strange mood brought by the hour of day, New Year's, and too much black tea, some lines that have been going through my mind for the last few days.

Am Grunde der Moldau wandern die Steine
Es liegen drei Kaiser begraben in Prag.
Das Große bleibt groß nicht und klein nicht das Kleine
Die Nacht hat zwöf Stunden, dann kommt schon der Tag.
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