January 29th, 2010

eliphas, napping


I won't be at the gaming convention this weekend. Last year I brought back the cold from hell, and the people I'm playing with are the ones I play with anyway.

Is anyone going? mad_freddy? Because there's *one* guy I'd like to talk to, but I do not feel liky paying for a day just in the hope of seeing him.

A line from the weather report: "Two events can end this cold spell: Mild Atlantic air coming through, or, starting in March, higher intensity of sunshine. Going by the current maps, it's likely to be the latter."
eliphas, napping

Cooking with cats

It's hard to keep the cats out of the food when cooking or baking. It's twice as hard when cooking involves meat, beans and eggs. My cuddly so-called carnivores recognize protein when they smell it.