February 5th, 2010

eliphas, napping

Must be the weather...

After four sanity-eroding days at work, I went to the gym this evening and completely lost patience with the stupid machines where after a year I still cannot do the amount of repetitions I should without pausing in between. So I set all the machines to five or seven kilos higher. Worked like a charm.

When I came home, the cats were completely hyperactive and spent nearly two hours chasing fake mice, walnuts, pieces of string, the red dot of the laser pointer, and each other. Jerome fell into the bathtub again, fortunately there was only very little water inside. I learned today that St Jerome is the patron saint of, among other things, libraries and librarians. And archeologists.

It's thawing. On the streets and sidewalks that got cleared, the snow is gone. And the light is getting stronger. I love the light in February, all new and full of anticipation.