February 19th, 2010

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I'm at odds with the world

The stupid cough I always got in sports class or when running after the bus as a teen? The one that became chronic until I was short of breath every winter and had to take cough meds to walk through town, call time-out in role playing games because I was unable to speak for the wheezing, and got sent out of class in lessons following sports because my coughing made talking in the room impossible? The one that went away only when I was well into my twenties? Has a name. Can be treated.

I found that out two days ago.

In other news... Every day I walk past the tabloid headlines on my way to work. At the moment, it's all about people being "wealthy" on welfare, as one of my least favourite politician deigns to call it. Headline says, paraphrased and translated, "Why work?"

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