March 18th, 2010

eliphas, napping

Small successes

1. I have found the papers for my motorbike again, which I put "somewhere safe" before I went on a vacation last year in April and dug through ever drawer and heap of papers last summer. They were in the pocket of my biking jacket. Which is not where they should be. Or ever have been before. I have no idea what I had been thinking, but at least I have the papers back.

2. One of my bedsheets had ripped. As I have only two, that is bad. It became worse when I found that no store in town had sheets in that size: I had to order one, and it would be four weeks until it arrived. (WTF?). Careful thinking about the situation led to the revolutionary insight that it might be possible to order a sheet on the internet. It will arrive tomorrow.

3. I had a fire extinguisher training at work today. I had jumped on the opportunity like Serious Cat Jerome on a plush mouse when the safety department was asking for volunteers. When else do you get an opportunity to play around with these things? We saw a bunch of fun videos that made my inner pyromaniac very happy (throwing water on burning sodium! making pots of burning fat explode! yeah!) and then had a small bonfire and a fake fluid fire (real flames, but no real flammable fluid) at the back of the premises where all the old stuff (wooden palettes, rusted bicycle stands, and 25yo fire extinguishers, among other things) goes to die. We attacked the fires with different kinds of extinguishers and created giant clouds of extinguisher powder (which tastes a little salty) and then flooded the place with foam. Fun!

4. Cold is slowly getting better.

5. Writing!