May 4th, 2010

eliphas, napping

Zombies and paladins

N___ was in town for a long weekend, so I played a "flashback" with the Midgard group. It had to be finished in one evening, and I wanted something light-hearted and fun, with no big battles.

Some months ago the group could not be convinced to do a job for a friendly old wizard who offered too-generous pay to liberate some information from his colleagues. One of the colleagues, they later learned, was an agrarian necromancer, creating zombies to do farmwork.

By the time the story took place, I imagined the wizards would have moved on, but their feud and treasure hunt would leave them too busy to clean up all their messes. Plus, the characters had delivered a few letters for the friendly old wizard (who was giving gentle hints to the authorities about necromancy, to put pressure on his dear colleagues), and in the next adventure they had already encountered some zombies walking around aimlessly, so: Enough dangling threads.

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ETA: Fixed typos (thanks, mad_freddy)