May 23rd, 2010

eliphas, napping

The Rest of The Week

After the Wednesday post from work, I packed up and went to a performance with the choir. That one's a yearly concert that is sung by a bunch of choirs from the city, is set on the last Wednesday before Whit Sunday, and usually held in the park. Collapse )

Thursday was another cold, rainy, miserable day where everything took forever. I went to the gym after work and it was a complete fail. Collapse )

Friday I was dead tired, but the weather was a little better. Everything we had started at work on Thursday had failed, so I re-did all of it, which made for a so-so day: Get something from "Does-Not-Work" to "Works" is always at least marginally satisfying. In the evening we were playing RPG at my place. Collapse )

Anyway, I had reached Saturday without major mishaps, which I regard as a triumph. Making it through the week to the weekend is like completing a long hike through mountains and swamp, in the rain, just as dusk falls: You don't have an alternative to reaching your destination, or at least none that bears thinking about, but you are still amazed that you made it.Collapse )

What I didn't do was writing much. Gah.