May 24th, 2010

eliphas, napping

Clothing woes

I'm going through my wardrobe again, and it breaks my heart to throw out (i.e. give to charity) stuff that is hardly worn, brand-name, good quality, great looking, only three sizes too large.

Keep it, for when the weight comes back?
Give it to charity?
Try to sell it to a second-hand store?
Spam all my friends if they want it?

Just in case, does anyone want:

  • black linen trousers, size 48 [about 38 inches waist]

  • grey-beige linen trousers, size 46, long [about 36 inches waist]

  • an eggshell silk/cotton blouse size 50 [about 46 inches bust]

  • black comfy mostly wool trousers (elastic waistband) size 48

  • happily-striped seersucker blouse/tunic, mostly orange/white/blue, size 50

  • dead-elegant with a side of goth black velvet ankle-length skirt and long-sleeved jacket, size 44/46

  • green-grey tweed-looking blazer, size 50

  • Levis 527 (boot cut), pale blue, W34, L30

ETA: It's done. Two more boxes marked for "going out" (I listed only the really good things above, not the 25 Euro four-years-old-but-OK stuff). I am now in the land of abundant clotheshangers and half-empty wardrobes. Among the "going out", but not in a box are the Big Cat Memorial T-Shirts, which have the kinds of holes that happen when you cuddle an enthusiastic, sharp-clawed, 15 lbs cat that loves you very much. Putting so much cotton which should be recyclable in the trash makes me unhappy.
eliphas, napping

Review: Kochbücher (auf Deutsch)

Da zu meinen Hobbies "Kochen" und "Essen" zählen, blättere ich gerne in Kochbüchern, und schaffe es gelegentlich sogar, ein paar Rezepte nachzukochen, wobei sie sich unweigerlich verändern. Rezepte, die es in meine Standards schaffen, landen auf meiner Website, der Rest ist entweder trivial, oder eine interessante Erfahrung.

Drei Kochbücher, die es sich derzeit in meiner Küche wohnlich eingerichtet haben:

Collapse )
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