July 4th, 2010

eliphas, napping

The heat is eating my brain

Today, I did laundry and forgot the detergent. So I set the machine to run again (a fast run at low temperature) and forgot the detergent again. Fortunately, this time I noticed after a few seconds.

Yesterday was the hottest day of the year (so far) with (the news said) up to 38°C. My window thermometer said 35 (it's close to a stone wall and tends to err on the side of room temperature).

I went to town to meet with mad_freddy to look at bicycles up for auctioning next Saturday, then we had lunch at a cafeé and after that I went to the market and the bookstore. In the midday sun. I wonder if there being significantly less of me this year makes it easier to cope with the heat. Also, I've been wearing a dress. A short dress. What is the world coming to.

Anyway, better able to stand the heat or not, when I came home I had a tepid shower, cleaned the strawberries I bought (they get bad within 12 hours if left untended at these temperatures), then fell into bed, completely exhausted. I had bad dreams again. When I woke, Tully was laying at the foot of the bed, and when I carefully petted him, he rolled on his back and practically said, "oh yeah, this side, too". It was 30 seconds before he remembered that he does not like to be touched and drew away.

In the evening, J___'s company had its annual party. They invite everyone who ever worked for them, which includes me (back in 1992 when the company was eight people in a half-empty house I did some data typing grunt work there). The party was in a beer garden up a steep hill at the end of a dusty gravel road, and Secunda, loaded with four people and the AC running on max, refused to go on halfway up, and only continued when I turned off the AC. I tend to panic when expensive technology fails, so I bitched, swore and whined a lot. However, once we were there and my adrenaline was back down, everything was fine. Nice people, free food, free beer, free ice cream, no loud music.

It was still 22°C when we drove home at 11 pm. Today is cloudy, but still hot. I feel that this so-called "cool temperate" climate is not living up to expectations.