July 16th, 2010

eliphas, napping

Not the weather for cooking...

...but I have wanted some "real food" for days and made use of today's less than 30°C (and with the cat fence on the balcony done I can open the door again) to play around in the kitchen.

I have these great fresh herbs on the balcony, and it's the season for early potatoes, so I mixed a generous amount of rosemary, lemon thyme, coarse salt, crushed black pepper, fresh garlic and some olive oil, washed two handfuls of ping-pong-ball sized early potatoes, sliced them lengthwise and mixed them with the rest. Heated the oven to 200°C, greased a casserole dish with some olive oil, put the potatoes in flat side down. Put a rumpsteak into tinfoil with the leftover paste, put it in the oven, too. After 25 minutes, the potatoes were done, unfortunately, the steak wasn't. So I unwrapped it and put it in the casserole dish to finish while I ate the potatoes and some microwaved frozen green beans (not so good). About 5 to 10 minutes later the steak was just fine.

ETA, Jul 24th: This time I just put the (frozen) steak in the same casserole dish next to the potatos, covered it with the paste, and turned it around after 2/3 of the time. Result was medium done, a nice pink inside. /ETA.

I also made lemonade: Took the juice of half a lime, poured it in a one litre bottle, filled up with tab water, put in the fridge. I sliced a cube of ginger for the second bottle, let's see how it comes out. With that little lime, it needs no sugar, but goes down better than water alone.
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