July 22nd, 2010

eliphas, napping

More that than this

I meant to write a rant about how 99% of the people making it their business to talk about health and weight issues on the internet, in women's magazines and in doctor's offices have been taken over by necromantic brain-eating aliens from the planet of animated skeletons, but decided that this would be too depressing.

So, instead, some good news: Tully the Tabby is getting tamer by the day. He's greeting me when I come home, sleeps on the foot of my bed and can be petted when I wake up in the morning, and this afternoon he sprawled on the carpet in the hall and let himself be petted for a whole minute. And he's very soft and fluffy.

Not so good: I have been sick at home for two days with a very painful sore throat and much ouch in my right eye.