July 25th, 2010

eliphas, napping

Yeah, cold!

In notable difference to May, I am now really happy that the weather forecast gives us 10 days of cool days and slightly chilly nights. (Not back to 6°C, though -- that would be overdoing it a bit.)

I felt quite energetic today, which means that I did all kinds of "sensible" things (laundry, dishes, attempting pull-ups on the carpet rail behind the house [OK, not so sensible]), but it was nice.

Some titbits from the last week: Collapse )

Other than that, nothing interesting happened the last week. I was home sick for two days, my mother is not coming to visit the coming weekend, so I do not need to angst about it, and my day-and-night rhythm is shot to hell again. And Tully is very, very fluffy.


gospelofbvvt writes: Did you hear about this year's ComicCon?

Apparently The Bible fandom was really determined to be included this year. They got kicked out of their normal, weekly cons that take place across America, because they just could not stick to canon or IC.

And don't even get me started on the LARPing.

Here's the story.