September 7th, 2010

eliphas, napping

I'm back

I had been visiting my mother for a few days, and it was surprisingly nice. There was no fight (OK, so her boyfriend went on a bicycle tour two days in my stay, that made it easier), the rooms weren't overheated, there was food, and I wasn't bored out of my mind. The weather helped -- it was mild and sunny every single day -- so did the fact that I was in dire need of sleep and slept 10 or more hours. I was mildly bored, but that's OK. Did a lot of sudokus, some crossword puzzles, read all the newspapers in the house, and two crime novels. Still did not get that stupid monologue written, but in one of the crime novels I discovered how embarrassing it sounds when a writer has a character monologue unironically in stereotypes, so the villain monologue can consider itself kicked out of the story.

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