November 7th, 2010

eliphas, napping

My week

The whole week was mild and sunny, and there was wind on Thursday and Friday -- not much, it is rarely really windy here -- and rain today, and now the ground is covered in yellow leaves and the air smells of autumn. And I feel the need for sweets. Lebkuchen. Marzipan. Spekulatius. Dominosteine. (It does not taste the same in English.) Almonds in spiced chocolate. Butter cookies with hazelnut filling. The cats seem hungry all the time, too. I feed them at seven, and at ten they are complaining again.

It was a week of waiting for time to pass. I went to bed early so that tomorrow would come, I went to work early hoping to leave early, went home and waited for bedtime. I was bored. I am never bored. But I felt sluggish and not interested in anything. Especially not in the brainless talk I did on boring sites on the internet. I bored myself and probably others, making myself both a moron and a villain.

Speaking of villains, all the villains in my stories refuse to get on with their villainy. I just can't seem to get them. I should go back to writing "people vs. nature" stories instead of ones with human bad guys. The guy in Solveig's story on Mars is meant to be a misguided revolutionary, but he just comes across as too stupid to live. The guy in the Orsan Conference story should be a ruthless politician corrupted by power and by fear of losing his position, but he is a petty thug. And so on, and so on. I'd say I hate my villains, but that's exactly the problem, I don't. They only annoy me.

Monday I already wrote about, we had dinner and then a role playing game session, which was fun. Tuesday, I had singing lessons -- my voice was still not quite what it should be -- and band practise afterwards, where none of us was any good, but we slogged through. Wednesday, there was no choir because of the school holidays, so instead we had an ensemble singalong, with apple cake, rosemary crackers, soy-based spreads which tasted better than one would have expected, and wine. Coming home, I did the rest of the washing-up which was left over from Tuesday. More boring.

Work-wise, both days had been a complete disaster. I was the only person in office supporting this particular project, everything crashed, and no reason could be discovered. Fortunately my developers and project leads are an understanding bunch. Thursday this continued, and I fixed everything by hand, and left for Capoeira class hoping it would run this time. Turned out, class was cancelled, too, because of the school holidays (WTF?) and I bicycled back to work to bring the whole thing to a good end. It was very warm, and windy, and the air in the office was stifling hot. I felt as if I could not breathe and would faint any moment. I sat at my desk for ten minutes, trying very hard not to fall off the chair. I should have got a coffee, but I only wanted to be done with it, and managed to have everything finished with no more errors around nine.

Friday, I left work at five, and went to the gym again (I had done the same on Wednesday). Pushing iron which couldn't care less was the most satisfying thing this week.

Saturday I got up too damn early and was in town before most of the shops even opened, which gave me a good opportunity to go to the market before all the good stuff was gone. I even got my favourite bread from the organic bakery. After that, I browsed the sweets stores. One week to go, then a vacation. Going to a concert. Visiting flederkatz. Going to mad_freddy's wedding. There will be marzipan cake. After that, a three-day class on xml.

I've been emulating the Duracell Bunny lately, and I very much need new batteries now.
And better villains.
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