November 10th, 2010

eliphas, napping

Big hair

Yesterday, when I was checking out of the gym, the automated system refused to, I thought, recognize my card. Turned out, it failed to recognize me. As the cards are not marked, there is some face recognition involved so you don't by accident (or purpose) walk out with another's card. Well, yes, software, you'd expect misses. What I did not expect was the guy looking at the screen, looking at me, saying, "You are sure that is your card?"
"Uh -- yes, pretty much?"
"But that is not you in the picture."
(Craning my neck.) "Actually, it is. Two years ago." (Red T-Shirt, so it's two years.)
Guy looks at me. "Want a new picture taken?"

I am really curious if the system will recognize me now if my hair does not look like this lady's.