December 26th, 2010

eliphas, napping


Last Tuesday, Ceridwen and I drove into the city to do some shopping and see the new Harry Potter movie. Looking at the state of the road, and comparing notes about the weather forecast, we decided not to drive home for the holidays. Which was a good idea.

Instead we agreed to roast a goose on the 25th and invite some people. It turned out that only N___ helped us eat the goose, because Gwydion had attempted the road and had actually managed to arrive at his family's place after an eight-hour drive, Snow was tired of parties, and I___ had to work, but we had great fun cooking and eating.

Serious Cat Jerome was very worried about all the noise and bustle, while Tullamore observed us very carefully from several safe places and waited for a chance to steal food. I really wish I could let the cats out on the balcony. They have never touched snow.

Yesterday Miss Sophie, who had also decided not to attempt a 500 km drive, invited me for dinner. We had a nice evening, great home-made ice cream, and played Munchkin and Scrabble. The whole evening, snow was falling like rain, with a fresh westernly wind to enliven things. Getting back at midnight, connections were bad and I walked home from the train station.

The best thing about a white Christmas is to watch it from the inside where it's warm and comfortable, and venture outside only leisurely to enjoy the contrast. I'm quite happy. I like the snow, the food, and that I can spend some days relaxing. And then I'm going to tidy up the place. Being home one whole week really makes me notice how entropy has sneaked up on me.
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