January 24th, 2011

eliphas, napping

My weekend

Where has it gone?

Saturday I went into town, met R___ for breakfast, came home tired, read the newspaper and drank a pot of black tea. Was still tired and slept until 9. Was too tired for something useful still, read fanfic and looked at cat pictures.

Sunday I went to a protest against some building project in the small landscape conservation area that I cross every day when going to work. The only thing which might console me about this thoroughly miserable experience was that my conscience would not have allowed me to feel better had I stayed home and eaten cake. I hate crowds and noise. I hate noisy children. And getting a 2 hour flashback to the feelings of hopelessness and futility that defined more than a decade of my life... well "I hate it" falls far short of how I feel about it. Also, it was cold. Freezing grey, with an icy wind. The noise made it colder. I should have gone for the cake they were offering.

To my very vague amusement I found that I had been in big trouble some weeks ago when I half-fell into a puddle, and that can consider myself lucky for falling only into one puddle, because, seen by light and without snow cover, the whole place is one giant puddle.

After the protest, I went to the gym and had the most unsatisfying work-out in the last three months. I felt like a wet dishrag, as if my muscles had decided to ignore all the fuzz my brain was making about moving this way and that.

Back home, I cooked green cabbage (kale), which was fun, involved very large amounts of hot water, and tasted very good. I need to make the traditional really big pot of it some time before it's out of season. And then I went to sleep again, woke every hour until my normal to-bed time, and was still tired at 8 in the morning.

I blame the weather.
eliphas, napping


My boss just called and told me to get rid of 12 hours of overtime before the end of the week.

If my icon could purr, it would.
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