March 29th, 2011

eliphas, napping

Role playing games and Apple bread.

I made this yesterday, and brought it for our Monday role playing game session today, and now it's all gone. Easy to make more, though. It looks like black bread, but is a spicy, slightly damp cake. Collapse )

I have some difficulties with our current RPG campaign, because our characters are arrogant, super-powered, young aristocrats (Exalted DragonBlooded, to be exact), and my normal mode of play is sneaky, understated and diplomatic. Now we have to extract tribute from a barbarian chieftain, and realistically we can offer him neither trade nor threats -- we have nothing, and the army post we are stationed in is a joke. We can, however, lie, bluff, promise, cajole, bullshit, trick, or scam, to our hearts' content. My character is good with people, so I designed a performance which will, if luck is with us, dazzle the chieftain and make him want to throw his lot in with the biggest bully on the bloc as quickly as he can.

No idea if it will work, but it was fun to make up.