April 3rd, 2011

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Vague posting is vague

Friday was one of those days. Without going into undue detail, you know the type of day, the one when so much shit is hitting the fan with such a high velocity that there's no use even attempting to duck, instead, you just hold on for dear life, deal as well as you can, and wait for the pounding in your ears and the shaking of your hands to stop, and hope very, very hard that no irreparable damage will be done.

The situation had stabilised at "hip deep in crap but nothing urgent" at half past five, when I left work as if the hounds of hell were after me and went for time-honored sugar therapy. Met Ceridwen in an ice cream parlour, and munched my way through a cup of straciatella ice cream in hot chocolate fudge, a Belgian waffle with cherries and cream, and some coffee. You know you're high as an electrified kite when coffee calms you down. (Or you are just a serious coffee junkie. Take your pick.) I went home then and slept for two hours, ate a bar of chocolate on waking, and invited Snow over to finally watch "A Study in Pink". Which was exactly what I needed.

The only good thing to say about the heap of shit that came down is that I belive I can deal with all of it. It's not a disaster for me, just a major inconvenience. I know that I'm damn lucky.

I was still thrown out of balance today, but with four hours of ensemble practise, a good lunch, four hours of shopping for reasonable and needful things on the first warm day of spring, and pushing some iron in the gym I didn't go back into shock.

I can deal with this. I'm sure. Pretty much.

Need to be at work Monday at 8 am. With luck I can make some headway into some of the issues then.
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