July 9th, 2011

eliphas, napping

Summer in the city

This evening, I was at a BBQ/garden party at my boss's place, and after that, visited J___ to talk about stuff. My boss and J___ are living barely minutes away from each other in a wealthy exurb, about 8 km from the city, 10 km from my place. The way back went through forest and fields and some meadows, and was damp and dark and full of flying insects. I was utterly, completely amazed how safe and comfortable I felt emerging from the meadows along the river up into the warm, dry, and lighted city. Students were thronging in front of the pubs and bicycling through the pedestrian zone, yelling to each other while clocks chimed midnight, and I was suddenly aware how I knew every street and every building.

I said to J___ today, "I think it is time I gave up on the idea that I won't stay here long". Yes, maybe I should.

In other news, I finally have all my wisdom teeth out. Fare-thee-well, unwanted wisdom. It still hurts, but it could be worse and it's getting better. I am greatly relieved.

There are two fandom memes going around. I might do one tomorrow. Well, today.
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