August 3rd, 2011

eliphas, napping

Summer is something that happens in your mind

Jetzt ist Sommer, egal ob man schwitzt oder friert,
Sommer ist, was in deinem Kopf passiert.

The choir meeting in Bad Staffelstein took place under a grey sky, threatening rain, and in a cold wind. It was also an outdoor even, with two clusters of sites more than a kilometre apart. And my common sense regarding events and the weather, which had served me so well on the Wednesday before, completely failed me. Which meant that I was wearing a summer dress and heels. The whole day.

The music was, as usual, so-so. Everyone's voice was suffering from the cold. The men's choir, which sang last, was in very deep trouble. I know they can do better, I heard them before.

At least we stopped at my favourite café and bakery on our way home, barely in time to have Sahnetorte and coffee before closing time.

Wednesday after that, the weather was mild and dry, and we had our choir summer garden party. I made cheese balls (a whole grain yeast dough with lots of herbs, formed into little balls with a cube of cheese n the middle), which were OK even if they lost most of the cheese during baking (I forgot to cut them on top, so they broke at the bottom and the cheese flowed out), and bacon-peach-muffins which suffered from several glitches in craft.

Last Monday, my boss strongly suggested that I go to a completely voluntary, off-hours "let's go to the local beerfest" meeting that an associated department in the next town over had planned, so I bicycled 16 km along a major road with worse than no bicycle paths (I'm fine with driving on the street, but driving on a 60 cm wide "bicycle path" divided from the street only by a white line, the distance between your handlebar and the right side mirror of every passing car is about 30 cm...) through a landscape made for bicycling, in perfect weather, and then 4 km through a city believing neither in cyclists nor in street signs. Food was OK, beer was good, company was fine, but I was kind of exhausted when I came home.

Other then that, I'm coming up blank again about what I did. It worries me that I have such a hard time remembering my own life.

Anyway, today it's warm, with possible thunderstorms later. And I'l be on the bicycle again in an hour, 10 km to go to ensemble practise. Let's see how soggy I am when I get there...

Sommer ist, wenn man trotzdem lacht!
eliphas, napping

Fried potatoes

There are some thing I just fail at cooking, and most of them have in common that they are soft-ish and baked in a pan. Like fried potatoes.

Today, for the first time since I stopped cooking over open fire, I made fried potatoes which were not only kind of acceptable but actually good!

Seems that I can't stand the heat. Meaning, I have a deep-seated fear of things getting too hot. So I tend not to give stuff the heat it needs, and use very little fat, because hot fat is scary! Today I used a goodish amount of goose lard, the cast iron pan, and fried those potatoes until they smelled fried. And then put two eggs in the pan and fried those, too.

Some of the potato slices broke. Most didn't. The eggs didn't. Some potato bits got stuck in the pan. The eggs didn't. The stuck parts came off later. And it tasted great!

Am very happy with this. One of these days I'm going to manage real pancakes.