April 11th, 2012

eliphas, napping

Where not to eat

... at least when you have low blood sugar and a history of demophobia and social anxiety: here.

Yesterday I had the day off, it was a perfectly nice spring day, and I had a list of stuff I wanted to buy or at least look at, so some time before noon I bicycled into the city for some shopping (didn't get one third of what I wanted, but am happy with what I got).

Early afternoon, my mood darkened and my stomach was requesting lunch in very certain terms. I prefer to try out a new place whenever possible, and that particular one looked nice enough from the outside, pretty open, good view to the busy pedestrian zone, and I wanted pizza. Prices were a little higher than your typical pizza place, but within range for the location.

I went in and Collapse )

Now, that's one place I will never go to again. I told the tale to my co-workers today, and they all knew the place or others of its type and said that it had no service and what service they hadn't was lousy, and one could get a pizza faster, better, and in more comfort at every street vendor's.

Yesterday, anyway, I walked a few hundred meters to this place and sat down in a comfy little café, read about two or three pages in a motorbiking magazine, and then the friendly landlord served me enough bread, cheese, meats and cold cuts to feed two, and all that for far less than ten Euro.

Bicycling back, the wind was going my way and I was home in less than 50 minutes without even trying very hard.