April 13th, 2012

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From the link collection

Creepy: "Girls around me" app, why it's scary and what it tells us about privacy. You couldn't make this up. Well, I did make this up for a story fragment, what, four years ago? Should have patented it. Via Charles Stross, who has objects in the future-view mirror being closer than they appear and crashing into his works in progress a lot. He remarks, "The problem is this: all social networks run on the principle that if you're not paying for the product, you are the product.".

But employers who demand access to all their employees facebook identities could get themselves into trouble, and not only with facebook's lawyers: "I hereby (fictionally) resign".

And don't tell me it's people's own fault for not reading the small print. Even if it is, remember that the most enthusiastic advocates of "their own fault" neglected to pay attention to their own main think-tank's incorporating small print: Cato Versus Caesar. Favourite Quote, "If so many libertarians are now so worried about a Koch takeover, one has to ask, why have they spent so many years building a brand with an unshielded thermal exhaust port?"

But don't let these things keep you awake:

Schlafmangel senkt den Grundumsatz (auf Deutsch)

Instead, have some cuteness: The Daily Otter