November 18th, 2012

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Getting some sun

For the last week, there has been november-y high-pressure weather: Dry, cold, with strange gusts of wind, and a thick ceiling of high fog blocking the sun. To make it more depressing, weather forecasts do not know anything about high fog and forecast "clear and sunny" while one is moving in a perpetual grey gloom. The only way out is up, and that's what N___ and I did today.

As mentioned yesterday, we went to visit I___ at a health resort about 90 minutes drive away. The resort is in a quiet little town in a low mountain range, at about 750 metres above sea level. While we were going there, the light became stronger, the sky whitened, the sun showed as a bright spot, and finally a pale blue sky became visible right overhead.

We walked through some nature preserve forest around a lake. The trees were covered in frozen mist that formed flaky needles of ice, and under the weak sun the ice thawed and every tree was like a rain cloud. On the ground, the raindrops froze again and surrounded every tree with a ring of flaky snow.

The lake was covered in mist still, and mirrored the pale white sky, so it felt like there was a vast cloudy nothing next to us. After some hours, more of the mist dissolved and the other side of the lake became visible.

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We had a good lunch, and saw the busy work of beavers all along the shore.

Next part of the walk took us over some open fields in very weak sunshine, and then dusk came, so we went for coffee and cake in the only café in town that was not closed until start of the skiing season.

And then N___ and I drove back in a night which was icy and damp.

Very nice day. The air in the hills was so clean and fresh, and the light was amazing. It was well worth the drive.

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