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Lots of science links this time. But no tests :-(

Note that the categories below are entirely artificial. Half of the links could be in another category. I'm sure that that says something about something, but I can't be bothered to make intelligent statements today.


Have you ever wondered how to get a job as a character in a novel? It's simple: Buy it on e-bay.

Poetic schadenfreude for writers: The Book of My Enemy Has Been Remaindered

Retro posters in the subway, or Art imitating art

Useless and funny: Notes from the set of "Pirates of the Carribean II"

The list of the Hugo Winners

A Star Trek future, Khan, and fixing things.

Pictures. Because the gallery is too far away to visit.


How Not To Look For A Job. Includes, two thirds down the page, the most awe-inspiring flame I ever read.

Cooking for engineers. The title says all.


War on terror 101. With pictures. Once upon a time...
(for German readers: Erinnert an "Politik mit der Maus". Sehter? Kennterja.)


There was some kerfuffle about a study which, to the uneducated minds of some popular science reporters, seems to have proven that men are geneticall incapable of listening to women. Turns out it didn't say anything like that and is in fact quite interesting. I haven't found the study on the web (not for free, anyway), but this article gives a good idea what it's about, how, and why.

Genetics in Harry Potter

DarkSyde has a great series of sience diaries on Daily Kos. My favorites so far:
Life on Earth 2 bn year ago.
Ancestral magnitues, or, "You are made of stardust"


The flying spaghetti monster demands equal classroom time!

You probably know these riddle. You still wouldn't have guess these answers


"FYI: Beauty salons across Britain are reporting a drop in profits... now that the Metropolitan Police are doing Brazilians for nothing..."
--- unknown, quoted by wonkette

"Nuclear Fusion makes the stars to shine;
Tropisms make the ivy twine;
Rayleigh scattering makes the skies so blue;
Testicular hormones is why I love you."
--- Asimov

"The Miskatonic University homecoming, pep rally, barbecue (really don't ask), leaf-watching, and eldritch horror viewing will be held on October 33. Driving directions to picturesque Arkham, Massachusetts will follow. Beware Shoggoths on the road near South Campus at moonrise. On no account allow Yog-Sothoth to divert you from the South Gate to the Nadir Gate."
--- somewhere on shrillblog


Title: The Battle of the Golden Wood
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Author: Marnie
Length: 60,000 words
What it's about? Lórien during the war of the rings.
Why read it? Orcs, trolls, rings, war machines, Elven magic and ancient battle-axes. Celeborn is cool and fierce, Galadriel is powerful and doomed, Thranduil is snarky, the battles are great.
Why not read it? Long, the ending is not exactly "happily ever after" (but you know that).

In other news, I'm trying to revise old stories and end up spending my time world-building. Which is fine. I love world-building. I also need to world-build, considering that the very reason for revising all the stories is that I transplanted them all from the world of their origin into one that suits them better. I only wish I could get the stories done!
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