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Here's the news

Not today's news, but a bunch of small things, mostly picked up from the local newspaper which I get delivered to my door daily and read for, eh, cultural immersion, the "Mutts" cartoon and the "Dear Abby" letters. Some of the stories I pick up I would rant about over tea or on the phone if I were home, as I'm not, I'll rant here.

A bunch of pro-military folks protest a memorial for fallen soldiers. Only in America. This is, after all, the country where red is the colour of the conservatives. I bet they are doing it to confuse the Chinese.

Several thousand Christian youths flock into San Francisco to hold a street party, "provoke progressives" and protest people's sexual orientation. Now I get the appeal of "freaking the mundanes" -- it's fun, it enforces a subculture's sense of togetherness, and it's just the right bit of a dare because the mundanes might be freaked enough to get you in trouble -- it's them, after all, who hold the power. (If you hold the power, it's not freaking the mundanes, but plain old bullying.) So far, so good. But demanding that the "mundanes" keep their sexual preferences mainstream -- I mean, could you get any lamer if you tried?

In a neighbouring town they are arguing about Easter bunnies. So far the commmenters seem a little unclear if the argument is about Easter or about bunnies. It has been snarkily suggested that maybe chocolate Jesuses might be more acceptable than chocolate bunnies, but I suspect that's missing the point.

Global warming has suddenly become a headline issue. Some folks, especially on the "Letters to the editor" page still do not believe it. Others claim that we really need to get off our asses and save the planet. I kind of fall in between, my opinion on "saving the planet" is best expressed by a NMA quote: "Well we talk about saving the world now, Eddy, it's our vanity gone mad. She'll survive us all perfectly well when we all are buried and dead." However, saving humanity and most of its works, as well as most of our familiar ecosystem sounds worthwhile enough for me. (On saving the planet, check this site and think of some good ideas to counter the plots listed there.)

There's an ongoing initiative that demands that restaurants put the calorie content of all their meals on the menu (and woe to the chef who adds an extra tablespoon of olive oil to the sauce!). A headlined argument was that some restaurant offered an appetizer which turned out to have 2050 calories. Sorry, folks, this does not call for a listing on the menu. That calls for a doggie bag, or for a friend or two and extra forks. Or a whole clique, if you want some space left for the main course. I have trouble imagining anyone taking this "appetizer" for anything other than a day ration. OTOH, you get ready-made meals here which have 200 calories. Now that's what I'd call an appetizer. And a bad deal. I guess if they actually printed calories on the menu, I'd get some numerical support for my bad habit of ordering the most substantial thing on the menu for fear of leaving the table hungry.

The car advertisements make SUVs look cute, because they are the only cars with a decent height-length ratio. All the non-SUVs look like stretch limos or an especially bad-tempered Audi glaring at the reader.

It seems to be common for houses to have one bathroom for every bedroom, plus a general one. It must be hell to clean that many bathrooms. One is bad enough.

A woman in southern California is trying to breed housecats that look like miniature tigers. The ears do not fit at all yet, but the fur pattern is already quite tiger-ish.

In other, non-newspaper news, my nose has finally connected to my brain and let me know that the red-blooming red-berried trees I occasionally park the car under are eucalyptus trees. Which explains the absence of birds.

About me: I hope I have hay fever. I fear I am getting a cold. Today I wanted to go hiking, but daylight saving time and general tiredness made it impossible: When my alarm rang, I felt like a zombie in lead armour. So I slept on until 1 pm and had nightmares. Most of them turned out to be not true in waking, which was fine, but I'd like to complain about the cat abuse. Nightmares I can deal with, but I draw a line at mistreating cats.
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