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Meme-oid, or, Is it April 1st already?

(And if it is, why am I still here?)

Meme-oid, gacked from Pharyngula, who has a real blog and probably doesn't do "memes", but links to Mixingmemory who writes about research into "What your music says about you". Colour me sceptical.

But for the heck of it, ten favourite songs:

  • Aerosmith: Dream on

  • Boomtown Rats: I don't like mondays

  • Bruce Springsteen: Born to run

  • Chumbawamba: We don't go to God's house anymore

  • Iron Maiden: Sign of the Cross

  • New Model Army: Vagabonds

  • Oysterband: 20th of April

  • Queen: '39

  • Richie Valens: Rave on

  • Sandy Denny: Man of Iron

Couldn't decide on any one I liked a lot better than the rest for Johnny Cash, Big Country, The Beatles, Suzanne Vega, HRK, Torfrock, and many others.

Do I get three out of four?
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