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No smoke, no fire

So far two of you have asked me if there isn't any danger from the current wildfire where I am. In short, no.

Longer version: You have been to Italy? Or have an idea about Italy? Anyway, get a map. Best get a map that shows not only Italy, but Austria and Switzerland, and a little of Germany to help you get a feel for the distances involved. Now imagine you are in Milan. Or Venice. On a nice, warm day in late Spring or early Summer. And you read in the newspaper that there's a fire near Naples. Assuming you know no one in Naples, how worried would you be? That's how worried I am.

Really. San Francisco is not only about 650 km from the Anaheim Hills, where the fire is. It is pretty much in a different climate. (Which is why I chose Italy as an example. Gives you a better idea of the weather involved.)

Some more info from the local newspaper here.
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