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More on music and personality - The Lyorn's Den — LiveJournal

Thu Mar. 15th, 2007

12:52 am - More on music and personality

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cyrna, in response to my post three days ago directed me to an Online Music Test. As I have an unhealthy fascination with personality tests, I scuttled over instantly, and now I'm going to ramble about it. You have been warned.

Well, here's my result. I get only two out of four. I'm crushed. And puzzled.

First thing, they put in Folk music as "Reflexive and Complex". Those guys have never been to a Fiddler's Green concert, or raced along a country back road at illegal speeds while singing along with indecently patriotic Irish songs on the CD player at the top of their lungs. In harmonies. And then filking it.

Don't get me started on that whole "Classic" thing. I hate that definition, especially as it's commonly taken to include Romantic music, which I'd like to be excused from.

As to the description, it's missing only a latte. It's also depressingly close to my real life.

Then there's the next label, "Edgy and Aggressive", and I wonder about (not only) German Heavy Metal, which is usually skilful, complex, harmonious and, to me personally, more calming than chocolate. Rock and Alternative, fine. And they get my film preferences nearly right. (I'll try not to think about that "foreign films" in the first category too hard, BTW. I'm not tough enough for German movies.)

The description makes me wonder if taste doesn't follow desire more than reality.

Next comes "Fun and Simple", with Pop, Religious, Country and Soundtrack. Hmph. I would put Country down under Folk, personally. Or Folk under Country. Simple themes and foreign places. I would put Religious under Classic. The first religious composer that comes to my mind is Bach. Many of Chumbawamba's songs are - musically - as simple and upbeat as they can get. That's the fun of it. Generally, I feel that "Pop" cannot be defined musically. Maybe it's a marketing model. BTW, the German wiki entry for Popmusik is amazing. The English one, less so..
Soundtracks, OTOH, I usually find complicated and boring.

BTW, I believe "inner harmony" to be bad for one's artistic endeavours. The description is not too bad on the movies, though.

And now I have to admit that I use words that I do not understand, because I do not really know what "upbeat" in the fourth category means. I only know that all the music styles listed in that category go mightily on my nerve and summon the image of a frantic rat in a maze, going nowhere, if I actually have to listen to it. Note that that makes me arrogant (OK, guilty) and conservative. To keep in pattern with the previous political ratings, I should like that stuff. Yikes. I like it about as much as I like romance movies, if in a different way. Romance movies make me nihilistic. The listed music styles just make me aggressive.

The most interesting pattern here is that a low score on "Energetic and Upbeat" means pretty much the opposite of a high score on "Edgy and Aggressive". Does that mean a strong positive correlation between those tastes? OTOH, except for politics, there's quite some overlap between !E&A and R&C. Negative correlation? Musically, I'd think it likely, but I can't drag up any experience or stereotype to confirm this in terms of personality.

Niggling about taste aside, the closer I look at the whole thing the more I wonder about stereotypes and self-reporting. The stereotypes are so glaringly obvious that I wonder again about the "directive" effect of personality tests: The way they force you into a persona as soon as you look at them and make you conform to the pattern they set. (So much wondering! Like Tazendra, I prefer to see it as a sign of intelligence.)

OTOH, that's exactly what I find fascinating about character classes and personality tests. If I had less scruples about interfering with science, I'd to that test for all of my characters.

Heheh. There are more tests on that site.

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Date:March 16th, 2007 09:24 pm (UTC)
hmm, skipped the movie part apparently ... yes
suspense films are listed as fun/simple? Excuse me? Ever tried to get the murderer on an Agathe Christie? (It doesn't count if you know all her novels and know how her mind works) fun yes (at least for me) but simple ... and I hate horror ...

Soundtracks should be more in reflective/complex ... ever tried with a soundtrack to guess which movie (composer) and which part of the movie? Ever heard about programme music? If it is done correctly (and done good) then you can guess which movie it is from correctly even if you never have seen the movie itself ...

And what of putting together Western/Romances/Classics and hip-hop/rap etc.?? Action would be more the style ...

Cult/foreign film I would put with alternative music ...

energetic/upbeat AND reflective/complex both rather read a good book ;)
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Date:March 17th, 2007 12:21 am (UTC)
suspense films are listed as fun/simple?

No, it's the other way round -- a little tricky. If you do not score high in a section, they give you the meaning of NOT scoring high. Which accounts for much of the confusion, because it's set up in a way that you expect the regular (i.e. high-scoring) description unter each section, and not those fitted to your data.

Ever tried to get the murderer on an Agathe Christie?

Always the one who can't have done it. As Lord Peter said, "Nothing is more suspicious than an airtight alibi."
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