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Golden Bough Live

I sneaked off work at a quarter to six today, which practically makes it early afternoon. That's the third time this week that I have got off work in daylight, which is less due to early DST and more to the fact that we got a whole big chunk of work finished on Monday.

DST, however, meant that on two days this week I was driving home at sunset, and the mountains were outlined as sharply as if cut with a knife, and Mount Diablo shone a warm, dark, earthy orange against a clear turquoise sky. Light like that is the reason why I gave Aldaroon-Li an orange sun. It has become very warm, around 25°C in the daytime, and it takes a long time to cool off at night. I have turned on the AC in my room.

And the best thing is, I do not have to go to work this weekend! (My collegue has already said that he'll go skiing as long as there's still snow in the mountains.) So, tomorrow, if tiredness doesn't get the better of me again (and maybe even then, I still have my caffeine pills), I'll be on the road. Not to Monterey, though. When trying to decide "North or South?", it came down to the fact that I'd already been to Montery and Big Sur. So, Mendocino and Calistoga it is.

Being off early made it possible to go out this evening. Golden Bough were playing in a hall at Saint Mary's College in Moraga, a small town about 15 km from here. I has been years since I listened to them (actually, it was one of the about sixty CDs rotating through the car stereo when Utto the Mad and I were driving all across Ireland and trudging through cow pastures to find out if some heap of stones in the middle was the remnants of an acutal Norman tower or of a 17th century imitation), and I remembered liking the music well enough.

Getting there was half the fun, because Moraga is a really small town, the College lies outside of it, and it was getting dark while I drove. The hall was comfortable, uninspired (except for the lighting, which looked like models of giant molecules), and not freezing. Most of the people present were either older than I or seemed to be older. The music was wow. Great. Loved it. Those guys must be around fifty, but the only way that showed was in how easy they made the show look. There were three musicians, a blonde fiddle player, a red-headed woman who played the harp, the bodhran and the whistles (I was fascinated by an alto tinwhistle), and a guy playing accordion, guitar and something else with strings. (I could look up the names, but than I'd have to get off the sofa.) Very good instrumentals. Beautiful songs. Beautiful harmonies. Sigh. I could have started writing half a dozen stories right there and then. They had some dancers, young girls who wore the most silly carnival princess outfits (made worse by the fact that the band looked very good in traditional folk musician clothes) and performed the most incredible complicated and energetic Irish dances with the instrumentals. You pretty much had to look at their legs :-S What I disliked most was that the concert was really short, barely two hours, including a break. Still, it was well worth it. I really need to go out more when I'm home again.

I'd really like to write something on books again, but if I do not go to bed now, tomorrow morning I won't be awake enough to make it to my caffeine pills. Oh, and the runny nose I was worrying about a week ago wasn't a cold coming up. Whatever it was, it's nearly gone now. Good.
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