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New Car. Some Links. - The Lyorn's Den

Fri May. 11th, 2007

02:12 pm - New Car. Some Links.

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I'll get the new car Friday next week, and it will be just like the old car, only newer and with a slightly stronger engine. In fact, the new car is so similar to the old one that I'm thinking about naming her "The second blue one". Anyone know enough Latin to translate? Caerulea Secunda? Is there a better Latin word for "blue"?

I'll get my tooth fixed next Tuesday.

Some links:

Explaining quantum mechanics to a dog (via Making Light)
Yesterday's futures
Og the Caveperson reviews "300" and "Troy"
The Grammar of Cat Macros

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Date:May 13th, 2007 04:48 pm (UTC)

Blue in Latin

Caerul(e)a secunda (the "e" is optional in this word) might be the best way to put it - my Stowasser tells me that caerul(e)us means a number of things: "himmelblau, wasserblau, meerblau, dunkelblau, blaugruen, blauschwarz, dunkel" with references to who used it how (people like Ovid, Horaz et al.).
You could also use the word "glaucus" (--> Glauca secunda), which means mainly "blaugrau" and is a latin version of the greek word "glaukos", which means "blaeulich", but also "funkelnd". There's even the word "glaukophtalmos", which means "blauaeugig", to have blue eyes. The word "glaukopis", which is derived from glaukophtalmos, was used as a special name (als Beiname) for the goddess Athena and the canon translation to German would be "mit funkelnden Augen".
So, there you have it, hope it helps a bit :-) - and sorry for the language mix, everyone.
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