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I like rain. Which is good, because, considering how often I have been soaked to the skin in the last week or two, rain seems to like me, too.

OK, so I have a shiny new bicyle (no good images yet [ETA: images after cut at the bottom]) and spend a little more time outside than I would otherwise... but is that a reason why it should start to rain the moment I walk out of the office to have lunch?

Rain is fun, and pretty, and smells good, and is far preferable to summer heat. Especially if you have a dry place to go to at the end of the day, and towels and dry clothes, and a nice cup of tea. Getting drenched always reminds me of my teenage years. All those holidays spent outside, and the long commute to school...

Yesterday I had the first singing lesson since last summer, and of course while I was getting there, a fierce and enthusiastic rain storm turned the street drains into geysirs and the street into a river. Had I been driving home it would have been great, as it was, 'great' got tempered by me dripping on my teacher's carpet for an hour. On the way home, a cool evening sun was shining. 12°C. I like summer that way.

ETA: Images.

  My new bicycle Wusel on Wheels
  My new bicycle

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