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I might not look this way because I'm not getting much sleep lately,… - The Lyorn's Den

Wed Jan. 25th, 2006

04:04 pm

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I might not look this way because I'm not getting much sleep lately, but I'm still alive and collecting links.


Ghibli plans an Earthsea movie

"Serenity", told by handpuppets. They tell other movies, too.


How to write a pulp story. Contains useful info on structure.

Slashdot interview with Neal Stephenson. Fun.

Lovecraft on horror literature.


Most of my useless knowledge is used for stories. They just do not ask these kinds of questions in Trivial Pursuit.

"The dubious quick kill", or "Just because you ran him through with a rapier doesn't mean he won't kill you."

Working in cold environments.

Historical poisons. I'm not sure how good this source is, it seems a little sensationalist, and I would have liked more details and more links, but it gives a general overview about what poisons were fashionable at what time.


Cats in sinks. This very much needs a picture of Eliphas.

How to be cute. Awwwwww.....


Knowledge vs. Intellect. You can rate well on both.

The Elemental Balance Test. Pretty.


Teenager hires hit man for cheese.

The Boston Molasses Disaster. Some disasters are stranger than others...

Potato cannons

Bush's Presidency as a text adventure. Aaaargh!

Pagan hierarchy. More complicated than the Geek hierarchy. And it has furries, too!

Pastafarianism: Just another Chtuhlhu Cult?

Datamining 101, or, Fun with amazon.com wishlists.

Cats are controlling humanity. And they have help.. OK, so that's not exactly what the article says, which is, to the best of my knowledge, true and sound. But the comments veer into SF, and are fun, and the whole thing is weird and fun and kind of scary. I'll never look at my cats quite the same way.

German link: Das Katastropheum
Der Apostroph
Das Deppenleerzeichen

And, of course, reading.


China Miéville: The Iron Council.
I'm giving up on this. It's just a bunch of characters I don't care for running around in a world that makes no sense, looking for something or someone for whatever reason.
Maybe I'll try my luck with the first book of the triology sometime. I still enjoy the style.

Steven Brust: Dragon
I'm currently re-reading all the Vlad Taltos books, and I got stuck in this. It's no fault of the book, it's just that my latest amazon package arrived. I still can't see Vlad in a war, no matter how much certain Dragonlords piss him off.

Jacqueline Carey: Kushiels Chosen
Shiny. I enjoy the alternate-Renaissance Europe a lot, this mix of classical and mythological, without a unifiying church. It's nice to read, though no page-turner, unless maybe on the final 100 pages, but everything is so pretty. The heroine has a slightly fatalistic outlook, which keeps her from angsting too much.


Single-author recs today.

Title: Running Close to the Ground
Fandom: Harry Potter
Author: After the Rain
Length: 30,000 words
What it's about? Peter Pettigrew is very fed up with being a Death Eater. He drinks, snarks and considers his life while the final battle is drawing ever closer.
Why read it? A funny, tragic and complex story with a very well written Peter, lots of detail and backstory.
Why not read it? Generally critical of all its characters, some characters die.

Title: The Vanishing Cabinet and what Montague Found There
Fandom: Harry Potter
Author: After the Rain
Length: 7,000 words
What it's about? When Fred and George shove Montague into the Vanishing Cabinet, he ends up in the "Vanished Lands" where the lost things go...
Why read it? It's a amazing Spirit Quest story which rides on a sense of the absurd while still getting to its point.
Why not read it? Symbolism and Spirit Quests annoy you.

Title: Happy Birthday, Mr. Dark Lord
Fandom: Harry Potter
Author: After the Rain
Length: 1,300 words
What it's about? An alternate take on "Peter gets tired of being a Death Eater".
Why read it? Starts silly, ends serious. Peters actions are worthy of a Marauder.
Why not read it? This specific balance of silly and serious is not your thing. Or you loved "Running Close to the Ground" and feel an alternative would spoil it.

Title: Remedial History
Fandom: Harry Potter
Author: After the Rain
Length: 70,000 words
What it's about?
Why read it? Nearly-Headless Nick teaches History of Magic, the Slytherins form a secret society, and Theo Nott, most boring of the Slytherins, discovers the wonders of a different POV.
Why not read it? Too long.

The one problem I have with AtR's stories is that they are neither in one single universe, nor in universes different enough to make them easy to sort out. I like continuity, and having AUs very close together makes me nervous.