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My phone had been offline the past week. My home internet cable is broken. If you have urgent news for me and cannot reach me by phone (it should work again, don't know for how long) send it to my work account. If it's really urgent, call my mobile.

LJ admin is being stupid again. (Explanation here.) Maybe I should mark this whole journal adult, because my life is full of boring adult concepts like work and money and taking the cats to the vet. But that would be false advertising, I guess.

Public service notice: Check your viewer settings (pretty far down the page). You might want to change them.

I'm still not over this incredibly disgusting preview they established with every link. I mouse-over links to see if I want to click them. If I do not want to click them, I do not want to see what is there! How hard to get is that? The workaround they described does not seem to work if you access the internet via a proxy server. If you see those previews in my LJ it means that I have not killed them dead enough. Tell me and I'll try harder.
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