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My day, so far - The Lyorn's Den — LiveJournal

Wed Mar. 5th, 2008

02:10 pm - My day, so far

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Also, cat news.

Outside, a very light snow is falling and disappearing before it hits the ground, which is the best thing about this day so far -- both the falling and the disappearing.

I came home late yesterday, having had to cancel singing lesson for an emergency at work. Ceridwen and Snow were there, drinking tea and trying to get Big Cat to drink some water, with no success. After hours of coaxing I got about one tablespoon of water into him, and as much liver sausage as fits under my fingernails. Ceridwen and Snow left around ten, and I tried some more with the cat, tried writing in between and failed at both. There wasn't a coherent thought in my mind, much less a sentence. Big Cat did not drink.

How to better more efficiently start a rotten day than getting up at 6 am? That's what I did today, because I had to finish four complicated and time-intensive things before noon. I was at work at 7 and worked like a squirrel on speed, with no break for food or coffee. At 9 the machines were running smoothly and I ran off to a dentist appointment. Which was horrible. 'nuff said.

At 10 I was back and doing the manic squirrel routine some more, sending out the data and the mails, while phoning the vet, who said I should take Big Cat to the clinic. Phoned Snow, hit the "send" button on the data, prayed to any small god that might be listening that I had not messed it up, drove home, got yelled at by pedestrians for going too fast and honked at by cars for going to slow, got a parking space too far from my door, and bagged the cat with Snow's help.

Getting Big Cat into the box was disturbingly easy. It was a 30 minute drive to the clinic, and Big Cat howled the whole time. At the clinic it smelled like a place where you do not want to be. Big Cat, once on the table, was foaming at the mouth -- probably being sick with neither water nor food in his stomach. It was miserable.

They gave him an antibiotics shot for his bladder, and drew blood for lab tests. They had no idea how to get him to drink, either. Back home, he first fell flat on the carpet, but after a few minutes summoned the willpower to move about a metre to the "cave" in his scratching post. Little Cat looked worried and did not try to come close.

The clinic will call this evening about the results of the lab test.

I went back to work and had a sandwich. I'm tired and worried and in a bad mood. I need sleep and healthy cats, but for now, coffee will have to suffice.

ETA: I spent the rest of the workday doing stupid cleanup and telling people why they could not have what they wanted to have.

Half past seven my mobile was ringing: The clinic had the lab results. Kidney failure. The fact that Big Cat was still alive made it vaguely possible that it was not chronic and might be recoverable, if he spent three days getting infusions, starting next day early.

I decided to skip choir practise, went home, found Big Cat still alive and spend the evening mindlessly crying over reality TV and being generally depressed, and went to bed early, because I'd have to drive Big Cat to the clinic first thing next day.

Big Cats hates being left alone by his humans. Even more so in strange environments. He cries for hours, or for days if he has the strength. And now I'm sitting here, waiting for the phone to ring, and try to explain to people why they still can not have what they want to have.

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Date:March 6th, 2008 09:45 am (UTC)
All the best wishes for Bic Cat - and some undisturbed sleep for you!
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