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More on the computer, and a few links - The Lyorn's Den

Thu Apr. 13th, 2006

02:25 pm - More on the computer, and a few links

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The computer checked free of viruses or any software with evil intent (except, depending on your definition of "intent", Windows). Seems the computer is quite able to run a two-hour virus check without freezing once, but Murphy help you if you brood over a Word document. Ted/Anonymouse, the ProcessExplorer has already been quite interesting and useful, even if it didn't help solve the problem at hand: When the computer freezes, so does the ProcessExplorer. I still suspect msgsrv32 of being involved in this mischief. It always shows up in the vicinity of a freeze. Does anyone know of a tool that would log events for Win98?

If I reinstall the OS sucsessfully, I won't let any USB device get close to my machine ever again. Which is regrettable. This USB stick sure is useful, but I think I'd rather have the computer incommunicado except for that dial-up modem (the floppy drive died two years ago) than deal with the current mess.

Speaking of messes, the construction around my house which I mentioned in October is still going on and is getting uglier by the day. It has given up on the "marauding orcs" and the "tank drivers' training area" look and is quickly passing through "slum, in the rain" to "landfill". The pneumatic hammers are back, too. Some time ago I got a letter that they intend to get the intercom system installed in late June. I wonder: Does this mean there will be a front door by late June? Or is that too optimistic?

Happier things:

Fun with cellular automata: Conway's Game of Life and Simulating digital circuits.

And: The Babylon 5 Trivia Test. I got 93%. Yeah me!

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