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The choir concert yesterday went much better than we had dared to hope. (ETA: Review in the local news here (in German)). OK, so we had done nearly two hours more practise in a small group on Saturday night (where I discovered that the thing that stresses me most about choir practise is to be in a crowded room. Saturday night we were in a small gym with ten people, and I was completely relaxed and focused), and two hours on Sunday just before the concert. It's my luck that I have a very resilient voice -- some of the others were complaining about being exhausted before the audience even arrived.

So, most songs went fine, the audience didn't notice either way, we had fun, and R___ was there, who I had not seen in four months. After the concert, we packed her bicycle into the trunk of my car, went for pizza and talked a lot, mostly about school, and the problems of living in an upper middle class exurb, from self-righteous SAHMs to whether the kids will get in trouble if their mother is seen bathing in the canal that passes behind the house. I was whining a lot about cats and work, because I just had another week from hell. Ten days ago I bought a newspaper and some peaches. I haven't read the newspaper nor eaten the peaches yet because I had no time to do it. I don't know how women with children cope.

Little Cat still has seizures. I have built him a padded cell in a big cardboard box, where he can run headfirst against the walls without hurting himself. Of course, it doesn't do any good if I'm away or asleep. And he got a prescription for valium. My medicine cabinet starts looking strange.
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