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I planned to Get Stuff Done during this vacation, and so far it seems to be working.

The weekend we met in Mannheim to play our long-running rarely-played WoD crossover campaign. (This one -- link in German). We hadn't seen each other for a year, so we didn't play as much as we usually do, and played only downtime. Our characters are currently on a very beautiful magic+steampunk world with airships and flying islands, and are doing touristy things. (When we aren't teasing time agents, that is.) Our real life selves were catching up on the last year and had a big barbecue in the yard. Very nice weekend. Next meeting will be in November. I hope I manage to update the chronicle by then.

Tiassa showed us Spare Time Images' new Highlander Fan Movie teaser, which is not online yet. The site in the teaser is exactly the one where I was shooting photos in May and got my hand burned.

When I came home, I___ was sitting in front of my TV watching DVDs. Which was quite welcome, because I'm always a little dazed after a long drive, and having someone around keeps me organised.

Monday I had my eyes checked and discovered that I had switched my contacts. Which explained the clumsiness and the headache. As soon as I had switched them back the clumsiness was gone. After that, I drove to the city, ordered a new motorcycle helmet (my old one is ten years old, and is becoming icky), then made it through rush hour traffic and construction sites on all major intersections to the comic book store, where they didn't have the 4th Season Doctor Who yet. But they had a new Usagi Yojimbo, so the trip wasn't quite in vain.

For Tuesday I had planned some far less pleasant shopping and got Ceridwen to help me (i.e. stop me from inventing an excuse to not do it). I plan to overhaul the flat -- I'm not happy with the way it looks, and it became really obvious when we tidied up way beyond the normal degree of "tidy" in March, when Big Cat got sick. It looked like something from a catalogue done in Early Junk Yard. (OK, all my stuff has a tendency to look shabby. I'm very bad at having shiny things. But that went beyond it.) The sofa is second hand, 25 years old and was cheap IKEA when it was new, and if I am squeamish enough to consider my old motorcycle helmet "icky", I probably shouldn't contemplate the sofa. So I went looking for a new one (two new ones, actually) wandered confused through one of those giant furniture places, where everything looks awful, and tried to focus on the need to buy something despite by deep-seated conviction that there is no need to buy anything, ever, but books and groceries, and can't I just sleep on a mattress on the floor and have the guests sit on the carpet? Ceridwen argued that we were getting too old for that, and really, buying furniture was not a moral failure. Still, buying things makes me feel like I'm gaining weight. I took home notes on two possible selection which both cost a shitload of money and fail to excite me.

Still, I like the idea of having a place where I can comfortably sit or sprawl with a book and/or a cat, or take a nap if I feel like it, and being able to offer guests a comfy place to sit. So I guess I'll go through with this.

I also like the idea of not having to do dishes, so I called the caretaker today and asked if it was possible to put a dishwasher in the kitchen. They'll have to take out one of the cupboards and make a hole in the wall to get water from the bathroom, but it's doable.

When Ceridwen and I returned from the shopping expedition, we went for fish and chips -- it was a beautiful evening to sit in a Biergarten, even one too close to the Autobahn -- where we met with Gwydion, and ended the evening making music. Which was the best part of the day.

So, tomorrow: Look for a dishwasher, next giant furniture store, prepare paperwork for tax returns, investigate the possibility of a DSL flatrate, and check if my phone will still be legal next year.

I hate being all grown up and having to do this stuff.

Some fun: The Atheist Apocalypse (Comic)
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